Seeing Stripes: An Accent Wall That Pulls it All Together

Prada stripes

Last month’s Spring 2016 Prada show had me seeing stripes. I’m a sucker for stripes – the clean crispness and endless color combinations can pull an entire look together.

Stripes can have the same effect in a room. See our work-in-progress dining room.


There are endless stripe combinations. For more ideas, check out below and get your stripe on!

Halloween decor that’s spooky AND stylish – now that’s a treat!

Here are a few ideas for Halloween decor that’s as stylish as it is spooky:

Mr. Owl – feels cool in a 70’s handcrafted way photo 4

The Birds: At $1 each from the local dollar store, you really can feel like Tippi Hedren!

photo 2

Artisanal Pumpkins

photo 3

Vintage-inspired countdown chalkboard

photo 5

Happy Fair Day Dallas!

Everyone knows that Columbus Day really means Fair Day in Dallas: when schools are closed for the holiday and students are given free tickets to attend the mammoth event of fried culinary delights known as the Texas State Fair. (Thank you Christopher.)

Everything is BIG in Dallas, and the fair is no exception. What better way to view the Dallas skyline at dusk than from the top of a 212 foot ferris wheel? How about a twinkie – that’s been deep fried in a sumptuous batter served with powdered sugar and chocolate dipping sauce? (Remarkably moist with the perfect amount of sweetness.) And of course no fair is complete without a 55 foot tall cowboy. That would be Big Tex.

It’s quintessential Texas.

And if you’re really up for a walk on the wild side, there’s always the alligator sausage…

Ferris Wheel

photo 2