Viva la Frida: Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe Revealed

If you haven’t already seen Frida Kahlo’s personal items that were locked away for the last 50 years, it’s worth a gander. The juxtaposition of her proud individualism combined with the relentless confines of medical straps and adjustments is moving. Sadly beautiful. Of course that’s precisely why we love her.

Check out the entire article and see more photos at the Guardian:

Shorts at the Office: The Long and the Short of It.

Chloe_Resort 2015

About a year ago, I had a meeting at Ralph Lauren’s Midtown Manhattan design studio.  While I munched on a mountain of seemingly untouched peanut M&M’s from a punchbowl in the darkened lobby, a striking employee breezed by wearing silk pajama shorts with sky high heels.  It was an office look that not everyone can pull off, but somehow she struck the balance perfectly.

With summer days growing warmer, how do you feel about shorts at the office?

Here are a few questions to consider:

(1) What’s the vibe in your office from a style standpoint?  Is there an unspoken “dress code” to be considered?  If you’re working in a law firm, stick to the law suit.

(2) How do your shorts measure up?  Look for a length (or inseam) that are longer for the office, say 5″ or longer.  An easy fit works best (see Chloe Resort 2015 look above.)

(3) Are your shorts denim?  Cut off?  Stow these away for the weekend and  try a draped short cut from crepe instead.

(4) What’s going on top?  Shorts paired with a more structured jacket can strike the balance of trendy with polish.  Avoid too-bare blouses or crop tops with shorts.  It’s just too casual for many workplaces.

(5) How about the shoes?  Again, going dressier on the bottom with a short is better.  A strappy sandal with a heel or a chunky high wedge work well.  Avoid flip flops or sandals that feel too casual.

Have fun, and if you’re just not feeling shorts, there’s always a skort like this one from Zara:



Candy Darling: The Sweetest Novelty Store in McKinney TX

Our ongoing house search brought us this weekend to historic McKinney Texas.  McKinney’s historic square and surrounding neighborhood channels a slight Steel Magnolias vibe, where weathered Victorians and charming Craftsman cottages abound.

While in town, we came across this throwback popcorn and candy novelty store where our kids scurried around like, well, kids in a candy store.





If you too have a sweet tooth, I’ve got just the summer read for you:

Candy and Me

Candy and Me (A Love Story) by Hilary Liftin is an enjoyable memoir about the author’s life and ongoing love affair with sugar.  It’s a sweet (couldn’t resist) little novel, perfect for a sun soaked day at the beach.

Happy Monday!


Happy Birthday America

Wishing you watermelon dreams, lemonade wishes and fireflies. Lots of fireflies.

Happy 4th!



Lost In The Dallas Arboretum

This weekend we visited the Dallas Arboretum and the lovely Children’s Garden.  It was like Alice in Wonderland brought to life and, except for the 95 degree heat, was a magical journey through a garden maze where surprises awaited at every turn.




The children fully intended to explore more of the lovingly landscaped eight acre Children’s Garden.  However, fearing that I was entering the late stages of sun poisoning and with no Cheshire Cat to speak of, we promptly returned to the comfort of a nearby air conditioned snack pavilion where a cure of organic lemonade and gourmet trail mix awaited.

Hope you had a pleasant weekend and happy Monday.